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Yacht & Boat Tours & Snorkeling Tours in Aqaba

Learn about the categories of recreational trips and marine sports in the city of Aqaba.

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The best group and private yacht tours in Aqaba

Choose from morning, afternoon or sunset tours and enjoy the experience of renting a luxury boat at great prices. Enjoy a delicious meal on board and a cruise around the city of Aqaba. Perfect for families, couples or groups of friends, the yacht offers plenty of space to relax, meet new people or just sit back and enjoy the exciting views. Aqaba Red Sea cruise on a luxury yacht and great views of the city's famous buildings and landmarks Enjoy a luxurious experience without paying a high price Relax and enjoy a meal and drinks and enjoy your vacation.

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Reservations for boat trips in Aqaba

Book your trip today and enjoy spending the most beautiful time in the city of Aqaba, yacht trips and diving trips.

Snorkeling in Aqaba

Enjoy the most gorgeous snorkeling time in Aqaba city

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In Aqaba city

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Private Yacht rental in Aqaba

Rent a private Yacht trip for a great time in the red sea.

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Parasailing in Aqaba

Enjoy the best Parasailing ride in Aqaba.

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Sunset Cruise in Aqaba

enjoy the sunset view on an elegant yacht trip with your beloved ones.

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lunch / Snorkeling cruise in Aqaba

Enjoy Day time in Aqaba swimming and enjoying the weather on a great yacht in Aqaba.

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Water sports in Aqaba

Diving trips in Aqaba

snorkeling is great, but snorkeling in the open waters of the Red Sea is an entirely different and wonderful experience. Swim across natural coral reefs as you approach marine habitats. Our dive site offers a unique and fascinating experience of seeing marine life.